Mar 31, 2020

How to make Alexa/Google Assistant voice app with no coding at WECAST.AI

To find out what is 'WECAST voice app' for Alexa or Google Home, please read our previous posting, "What is WECAST VOICE APP and what can it do?"

First, you need to sign in (of course). You will get "Zero" marketing mail (yet) because we don't have that system. You will only get emails about your request feedback, status change, and coupons from time to time. So don't worry :)

1) Add new WECAST

When you sign in, you will see your dashboard. You don't have your WECAST voice app now. So, let's begin making one by clicking "add new WECAST" button

3) Select your platform

WECAST supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. To brag, we are the only platform that supports both of them in one board (In fact, we are the only platform that provides board to broadcast on those smart speakers). 

Anyways, if you are a new member, your first voice app is on the house! We make it for you for free :)

For those who cannot decide between the two, here are some interesting points.

  • For the Alexa voice app, users must "activate" the voice app on their Alexa account, making a bit more complex to do marketing of your voice app.
  • For Google Assistant, all voice app is already considered installed in all devices. But this sometimes makes confusion to devices when there is some voice app of the similar name of your voice app
  • Alexa devices installed over 50M and Google Home over 20M in the US as of 2019.
  • However, counting Android devices, Google assistant has far more install bases (However, not many people talking to their phones yet.)
  • Amazon Alexa has so far better user interface.
  • Google having Google Assistant app and Google Home app separately drives users crazy
  • However, Google Assistant is smarter than Alexa in the long run
  • However, Alexa can do much more things neatly

When you still cannot decide which platform works for you better, you can always make both :)

4) Fill out information

If you decide your platform (in this example I chose Google), provide us information on your WECAST voice app.

Selecting the voice app name is very tricky. 

For example, you cannot use your name as the name of your voice app. Amazon and Google both ban this because both of them support 'call to person' function, it might confuse the A.I. whether the user wants to call a person or launch the app of the person's name. (Although this policy makes sense, it is somewhat unclear because there are so many strange names in the world...)

WECAST recommends the name of the voice app be at least 4 words. If you are willing to use your name, you should have more detail subject such as "Micheal Kane's Movie review"

Most of initial rejections of our WECAST voice app submission from Amazon and Google are coming from this section. 

Since we are 'broadcasting app', it supposed to be super clear about what the users will talk about. A too simple description such as one sentence or a few words of description are very highly likely to be rejected.

5) Upload picture

After information, you can either upload the image you made for the voice app or select one from our database. You are almost done! 

6) Done!

After you select your plan, then your part of making the WECAST voice app is finished! :) 
Now you can go to your board and start making posts. We recommend you post at lease TWO, long posts aligned with your voice app description. Amazon and Google teams test your voice app based on what you have written and if there are no postings on your voice app, they never approve the app. 

7) Checking status

While we work on creating your voice app, you can check your request status in the voice app menu. We also send you email every time your status changes. So wait for us to bring your voice app live!

Mar 30, 2020

What is WECAST VOICE APP and what can it do?

With WECAST.AI makes your own wecast voice app that broadcasts your postings.

When you sign in and make your WECAST VOICE APP, you get a board/wall for your voice app.

It looks very plain wall on Facebook or Twitter but this one is special. 

Whatever you write, your WECAST voice app will cast it on Smart Speakers all over the world!

In the WECAST wall, you can use various sound effects on your postings such as 'Cheering crowd', 'Crowd Laugh', 'Oh my GOD!', etc.. These sound effects on postings brought to live because now you can make postings "listenable" to people who have A.I. assistants in the world!

It was almost heartful for WECAST team that A.I. speakers, a majestic device, can only speak what is already on the internet. We believe YOU can feed them with more fun content they can speak!

Visit WECAST.AI & make your WECAST VOICE APP today! You can make Alexa Skill or Google Action with no coding today. :) There are many people already running their own WECAST voice app as their A.I. speaker channel now. :)

Welcome to WECAST.AI blog

Welcome to WECAST.AI official blog!

WECAST.AI is a platform for you to write postings that can cast on Smart Speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home/Nest devices.

Once you sign in to, and upload information of your WECAST voice app, within days, we create your WECAST VOICE APP for Alexa and/or Google Action. 

You can have your own Alexa or Google Assistant channel broadcast your thoughts with no recording or no complicated coding.