Mar 30, 2020

What is WECAST VOICE APP and what can it do?

With WECAST.AI makes your own wecast voice app that broadcasts your postings.

When you sign in and make your WECAST VOICE APP, you get a board/wall for your voice app.

It looks very plain wall on Facebook or Twitter but this one is special. 

Whatever you write, your WECAST voice app will cast it on Smart Speakers all over the world!

In the WECAST wall, you can use various sound effects on your postings such as 'Cheering crowd', 'Crowd Laugh', 'Oh my GOD!', etc.. These sound effects on postings brought to live because now you can make postings "listenable" to people who have A.I. assistants in the world!

It was almost heartful for WECAST team that A.I. speakers, a majestic device, can only speak what is already on the internet. We believe YOU can feed them with more fun content they can speak!

Visit WECAST.AI & make your WECAST VOICE APP today! You can make Alexa Skill or Google Action with no coding today. :) There are many people already running their own WECAST voice app as their A.I. speaker channel now. :)

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