Apr 3, 2020

Announce: Free Premium Plan for religious organization for Covid-19

Announce: Free Premium Plan for religious organization for Covid 19.

While everybody having a difficult time locked down at their home, we think we also have to help people with what we have. What we have is this small platform we made for people to share their stories on smart speakers. So we are to support people with what we have.

Wecast team believes that what people need in this situation is to maintain a calm and peaceful mindset.

My team and I have no such talent to give people comfort. We would like to support people who can.

From now, WECAST.AI teams will

A) create Alexa Skills and/or Google Assistant Action that can cast messages from priests to their members for free, 

B) we will provide the Skills/Action as our Premium plan membership indefinitely. 

We know huge churches may already have their own channels to communicate their members. However, many small churches are suffering in this crisis, run by a small group of people, or reverend who are not familiar with tech to reach his/her members. If you are a member of that church, let us help them.

We believe freedom of religeon, so any religious organization we will help as well.

Please contact us at staff@wecast.ai for more detail.

Hope everyone be safe until this epidemic ends.

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