Apr 2, 2020

Alexa Skill Recommendation: Kpop talk

Some of you might notice that we are not recommending Voice Apps by popularity. 

We think that if a Skill or Action is popular, we do not need to introduce you because you would already know. :)

Kpop talk is a very simple voice app and yes, it's made using our service, WECAST.AI by one of our Korean customers. After BTS, the famous South Korean boy band made a huge success in the entertainment industry, people came to wander not only for the band but also about the whole Kpop. Many overseas fans wanted to know up-to-date information about their band or other celebrities but they were always a bit late for the trend due to lack of English channels covering Kpop. Kpop Talk, gathers news and issues of famous Kpop artists in English, so that the fans, not just BTS fans, can casually listen to interesting contents with their smart speakers.


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