Apr 1, 2020

Alexa Skill Recommendation: My Pregnancy from BabyCenter

Making 'just right' Alexa Skill is very difficult.

If a user really wants to search for something or play something so badly, they always have the better device, smartphones that they can use their hands and eyes. Informational Skills should be about something you want to listen repeatedly, and/or something 'good to know' facts.

My Pregnancy from BabyCenter hit this spot very well. When a lady first gets pregnant, she gets frustrated no matter how much she expected. Now she will spend so much time googling about pregnancy, the baby status, read again and again.

My Pregnancy from BabyCenter, once you activate, the skill asks your due date. Day by day the due date comes closer, this skill tells users new facts of pregnancy, the status of her fetus, what she should do or not do.  While she listens to this informational skill over and over sometimes with her spouse, she will get to be informed, be relieved.

The later her pregnancy gets, the heavier she gets. Looking for her phone or sitting in front of the computer may give her hard times.

That's why this Skill, no matter how simple this voice app is so worthy for those who are being ready to become parents.

Link to this voice app:

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