Apr 1, 2020

Alexa Skill Recommendation: The Magic Door.

Alexa Skill Recommendation: Magic Door.
Since we were planning to consider thinking about writing the voice app recommendation, the first voice app to comment about was very decided:

The Magic Door.

This voice app always has been a just right example when someone asks "What can I do with Echo?" to show 'this is what smart speaker is'. When you start this Skill, you start a journey to a magic land. Alexa's voice leads you to forest, mountain, sometimes to monsters.

To think deeper, this Skill is merely statements and select questions. However, it beautifully used sound effects that well match the story such as the sound of owls, raining, winds. On some occasions, it uses recorded sounds for monster voices.

This game reminds nostalgia of mud game or text-based RPG games of late 70s and early 80s. Of course, you cannot fight with your voice (you can yell to the speaker but Alexa does not capture the degree of loudness of your voice), so all you do is wandering around answering multiple selections. However, The Magic Door made a perfect version of this 'listening' game.

Although now the 'Division Network' game made this even more complex and sophisticated enough to rank itself higher than the Magic Door, this game has marked as an eye-opener voice app to show people 'the A.I. speaker can be the next big thing'. 

If you have not tried this voice app, you SHOULD try this today.

Link to this voice app:

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